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We provide customers with the following services:

BAUER High Pressure Compressor installation, maintenance and inspection

BAUER Pure Air Certification.

BAUER B-TROX system (Nitrox up to 40%) installation, maintenance and testing.

BAUER final pressure safety valve refurbishment and adjustment.

SCUBAPRO diving equipment maintenance and repair.

UWATEC dive computer service

HATZ, SUBARU, HONDA small diesel and petrol engine maintenance and repair.


   compressor installation maintenance and inspection

ANALOX analyser service.

MDE, Sun O sub, Thermo Pro valve refurbishment and repair.

Inspection and hydrostatic testing of diving cylinders, large storage bank cylinders and oxygen

   cylinders, in accordance with IDEST (Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing)

   code of practice.

Conformity to IDEST code of practice is guaranteed by our IDEST approved test center and

   our unique IDEST test stamp V3 on every inspected cylinder is proof to that.

Individual certificates are issued for every cylinder that pass inspections.

Internal high pressure shot blast cleaning of cylinders.

Oxygen compatible cleaning.

Spare parts and consumables:
To supply our customers efficiently and on time we maintain a large inventory of spare parts and consumables.

Orders received prior to 11:00 am can be delivered the same day after 15:00 hours.
In urgent cases we can dispatch goods immediately.
We maintain a 24/7 emergency service.




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