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Our Hawk BCs are robust and comfortable back flotation jackets that integrate numerous performance features. Back flotation technology positions the air bladder in the back, providing exceptional freedom of movement around chest and shoulders. Our women’s version has a female-specific cut and design.




• Quick-release integrated weight system offers more comfort and convenience.
• Two rear trim pockets counterbalance front weights and provide a well balanced swimming position.
• 3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions.
• Harness incorporates anatomically-shaped components to allow for even load distribution.
• Streamlined air cell technology and automatic volume control through compression straps.
• Rotating quick-release shoulder buckles and adjustable shoulder straps improve fit.
• Dual-zippered pockets with rollout pocket for varying amounts of accessories and pre-bent stainless steel D-rings.
• Soft neoprene neck roll and skin friendly padded back pack provide for significantly more comfort.
• Firmly padded, flexible cummerbund compensates for changes in the suit resulting from varying depths.
• 1000 denier nylon, our heaviest material for maximum resistance to punctures and abrasion.
• Available with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) or optional AIR2.





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