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GEO suggests Global, and that’s our message with this true travel BC: go dive the world. This completely new jacket was specifically constructed for the travelling diver. It’s not only lightweight and unbeatable in comfort, but complete with original features, incorporating SCUBAPRO quality, style and spirit of adventure. Size large weighs a mere 1,9 kgs.




Newly designed adjustable single-air cell BC provides high buoyancy and maximum comfort for travel divers.
Made in light and resistant Nylon 210 denier material covered in polyurethane.
New Foldable Airnet backpack is lightweight and soft, without rigid elements.
The entire BC can be easily folded, secured with a dedicated buckle and stored in its own travel sack.
Easy to access in any condition, the high profile pockets are reinforced with strong mesh for long wear and quick drying.
Double tank belt provides extremely good balance in any position and doesn’t put pressure on your back.
Light shoulder strap buckles, large size aluminum D-rings and a carrying handle make Geo feature rich, yet still lightweight.
Side grommets for SCUBAPRO knife attachment.
Available with Balanced Power Inflator or optional AIR2.


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