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The Galileo Sol is our ultimate dive computer, with limitless, unique-to-the-industry features.


• Exclusive Heart Rate Monitoring System: Galileo Sol is the first and only dive computer to have an integrated heart rate monitor, incorporating the heartbeat into the workload, and then tailoring the decompression calculations to your dive.
• Full-Tilt Digital Compass with Bearing Memory: A powerful navigational system with integrated digital compass. Remains accurate regardless of inclination.
• Extra-large Dot Matrix Display and Huge Memory: Galileo stores pictures, tables, tissue loading status and the most recent 100 hours of diving in a 4-second sampling rate for download to your PC.
• Hoseless gas integration: When used with a Smart transmitter you get tank pressure and true remaining bottom time (RBT).
• PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) optimizes your dive in complete security. PDIS is a unique scientific application for safer, more optimized diving.
• New APNEA Mode available via a free upgrade on our web site: includes unique features like faster sampling rates, manual start, current and maximum depth, dive time in minutes and seconds, water temperature, ascent and descent speed, APNEA specific alarms/warnings, adjustable water density and an APNEA specific logbook.
• Predictive Multi Gas allows you to enjoy the full benefits of carrying high oxygen concentration mixes in addition to your main breathing gas.
• Upgrade your computer with new functions and features downloaded from our web site.
• See what you, want when you want by choosing one of the 3 preconfigured screen display modes: LIGHT mode shows the most important information in the biggest possible figures. FULL display gives you everything at once. CLASSIC mode is the perfect balance between the two.
• Alarms and warnings displayed in text in the language of choice.
And warnings can be visual, audible or both.
• Galileo’s user interface is as easy to use, program and view as a cell phone: Menus, settings and functions are in your language of choice.
• You can truly personalize your Galileo: Enter your owner and emergency information.
• Oil filled technology: Allows us to make a slim designed computer with an extra-large rectangular display. Oil filling also gives us more technological freedom and is the reason we are the only dive computer on the market rated to a depth of 330 meters per EN13319 standards.
• User-replaceable battery.
• Infrared technology and PC download capability.
• Contains all the core UWATEC innovative core technologies including: Buhlmann ZH-L8 ADT (Adaptive) Algorithm, Microbubble Management, Multi-Gas Diving, Nitrox compatibility,
True Remaining Bottom Time, Smart Trak and infrared technology and interface.
• Tri-mix upgrades available spring 2010 free of charge for Galileo


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