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A simple stabilizing jacket for recreational divers wanting durability and total comfort. The 3D concept allows air to move freely, enabling precise, predictable buoyancy, high lift capacities and perfect fit.






• Its ‘face up’ position assures a high level of safety.
• Unique hand-glued construction for leak-proof seams and long-term durability.
• Contoured shaping for perfect fi t.
• 3-dump deflation system and BPI are reliable and easy to operate.
• Thick pre-molded padded back pack for maximum comfort.
• One-hand operation stainless steel super-cinch tank band is easy to adjust.
• Accessory-packed with safety whistle, 5 stainless D-rings and knife attachment points on both large pockets.
• Available with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) or optional AIR2.




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