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Like a diamond, the A700 is forever.


And nothing compares to this jewel of a regulator from SCUBAPRO. The regulator is a life support system that provides air in an airless environment. SCUBAPRO A700 lets you breathe effortlessly and naturally underwater, letting you safely forget you’re using a regulator. Paired with either our exclusive piston MK25 or high-performing diaphragm MK17 first stage, the A700 systems are phenomenal in beauty and in breathing performance.

• Precision handcrafted full metal construction and design, for a lifetime of exceptional dive experiences.
• Unparalleled breathing performance at any depth, any temperature, in any position. Work of breathing test results are 0,5 J/I.
• Full metal body and metal components assure the best thermal exchange, dramatically lowering the risk of freezing in cold water.
• Innovative technological features as only SCUBAPRO expertise and history in regulator engineering can do.
• Compact dimensions for light weight comfort.
• Air balanced valve technology decreases the inhalation resistance to the lowest possible level resulting in super smooth breathing.
• Diver adjustable inhalation effort with micrometric adjustment knob enables personalized breathing effort control.
• Newly aligned VIVA system for more precise control and comfort.
• Super high flow exhaust valve allows air to exit more freely and lowers the exhalation effort; also keeps bubbles away from face and mask.



The MK25 teamed with A700, is an ultra-high airflow system for maximum performance in all diving conditions.


SCUBAPRO is synonymous with piston-controlled first stages.
Our MK25 underscores this heritage with an array of patented features and ultra-stable intermediate pressure, for an extremely punctual and consistent high delivery of air, ensuring unfailing performance. The MK25 balanced piston first stage is our absolute top performer, making this system our very best!

• Air balanced flow-through piston provides constant and effortless air flow unaffected by changing tank pressure.
• In polished chrome, with 5 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports plus swiveling turret for convenient arrangement of your gear.
• Anti-freeze protection for all diving temperatures.
• Externally adjustable intermediate pressure for easy maintenance.
• Available in polished chrome in either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN configurations.



Cold water divers or those frequenting harsh environments will appreciate this perfectly matched pair.


The A700 is a complete complement to the MK17, a high-performing balanced diaphragm first stage engineered exactly for such conditions. Full metal body and components guarantee less risk of freezing and it is environmentally sealed so water cannot enter the inner mechanism.



• Balanced technology provides consistent performance at all tank pressures, at any depth.
• Optimizes the second stage performance.
• Dry ambient pressure chamber provides better protection and performance in cold water.
• Balanced diaphragm design, with ultra-fast flow to the second stage, prevents water entry, enhancing trouble-free operation, even in the coldest or most polluted conditions.
• Finned cap with ribs acts as a radiator to increase the surface area of heat transfer from the water to warm internal parts.

•Available in polished chrome in either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN configurations.